Browsing the Source On-Line

OpenXDAS uses the Subversion VCS services provided by for version control of the OpenXDAS source code. provides an SVN repository browser for all projects. Enter the OpenXDAS repository browse URL into your favorite browser to view the source code nicely formatted in HTML.

Anonymous (Read-Only) SVN Access

You'll need to have a Subversion client installed on your work station in order to check out the source code. Most Linux distributions come with a Subversion package, as long as you've elected to install the development packages when you installed Linux. If you're using Windows, you can obtain a Win32 version of the Subversion client from the Subversion download page. Once you have a Subversion client, you may use the following command line to check out the trunk (current development) branch of the code.

$ svn co

This command will cause the SVN client to drop the contents of the URL into a new directory called "trunk", within the current directory. You may target a specific local directory by adding a target directory parameter to the end of the command line. For instance, adding a '.' to the end of the command line will target the current directory.

Developer SVN Access

Project developers may add identity information to the URL to ensure that they get the repository access rights assigned to them as developers.

$ svn co

This command will indicate to subversion that repository writes should be done using the specified username. The server may ask for a password, if you haven't properly configured your SSH keys. Please refer to the approriate documentation for configuring your SSH public keys on