Downloading OpenXDAS

OpenXDAS is destined to become the industry standard open source auditing framework. As such, accessibility is paramount. OpenXDAS is currently released in binary RPM and various archive formats. In addition to these binary packages, no open source project would be complete without being released in source form. OpenXDAS provides source packages in the form of source RPM's and source archives.

The following MD5 checksums are provided to give you confidence that you've obtained official OpenXDAS download packages:

0a75fba69bbb1d92219a17662ef0f5fe openxdas-0.8.351-1.i586.msi
28e771f8201f9d394405698ab5a82112 openxdas-0.8.351-1.i586.rpm
c1383f6b15cf17f8b8f63e0d6d008239 openxdas-0.8.351-1.src.rpm
7e19bc1acf900d4ba9df751b8f62e657 openxdas-0.8.351-1.x86_64.rpm
f0fd591dc7d5b86a3301dbef7eebc6f2 openxdas-0.8.351.jar
c6b3f95ce017c62769f6fdb974a49402 openxdas-0.8.351.tar.bz2
d74ea28b1a701aa725f0874a4ebcebfb openxdas-0.8.351-win-i586-bin.tar.bz2
f0122a848ca467939f37ff78bb0f5782 openxdas-devel-0.8.351-1.i586.rpm
70730bc1c64b2fc7a92be91824c87ca2 openxdas-devel-0.8.351-1.x86_64.rpm
2f814a95f20b9339c7fcd6951bc292ef openxdas-doc-0.8.351-1.i586.rpm
f54ff13cf3d140708724e0701e1adf2c openxdas-doc-0.8.351-1.x86_64.rpm
09bd2178aaf52aba244292db099dd64f openxdas-doxy-0.8.351.tar.bz2
4aaf335679d7fa85fa58e8d450110535 openxdas-javadoc-0.8.351.tar.bz2
0e7a5f4a4f17b51e1d2ac751829c61ad openxdas_log4j-0.8.351.jar
b6eacb6724e4f5c747c61e67a36f748b openxdas_users_manual-0.8.351.odt
102860d69241235b405ee6ee1a5bbe40 openxdas_users_manual-0.8.351.pdf

For access to older releases, please see the OpenXDAS project download page on

The OpenSuSE Build Service (OBS)

We've started making full use of the OpenSUSE Build Service (OBS). This cool service allows us to build installation packages for multiple versions of OpenSuSE and for other distributions, such as RedHat, CentOS, XUbuntu, and Debian. Check out the OpenSuSE Software Download Site for access to the latest OpenXDAS installation packages. Enter the keyword openxdas in the search dialog, and select your platform (or choose "all" to see all options).

Getting the Java Client

The OpenXDAS Java client may be downloaded directly as a .jar file (refer to the links on the right). You may also obtain it as part of any of the binary installation packages, including the Windows .msi package or the SuSE/RedHat .rpm packages.

We're also now providing a log4j appender for OpenXDAS. See the links on the right.