Source Code Documentation

Source code documentation for OpenXDAS is available for general web browsing in the form of Doxygen generated HTML pages. These web pages are generated directly from comments in the OpenXDAS source code. This Doxygen markup is maintained rigorously by the developers. This documentation will be updated each time a new release of OpenXDAS is made publically available through

Java Client Documentation

Java interfaces are documented in javadoc format, available in the same manner as the doxygen documentation above. See the links on the right for JavaDoc HTML.

User's and Developer's Manual

An OpenXDAS user's and developer's manual is available in both Open Office Writer and PDF formats.

Novell Audit SDK Conversion Manual

A conversion document is now available to help projects instrumented to the Novell Audit SDK switch to OpenXDAS. This manual is also available in both Open Office Writer and PDF formats.

Contributing Documentation

If you're a good writer and have an interest in auditing systems, the auditing community would benefit greatly from any time you'd care to volunteer writing user and developer documentation for OpenXDAS. Use the references on the Contacts page to drop us a line with your request, and we'll get you setup to work directly on the OpenXDAS docs.